5 Best Ski Pant Suspenders

The Best Ski Pant Suspenders Reviewed


Although pant suspenders might have lost their popularity in the world of modern fashion, they are great accessories that can enhance your skiing outfit. The best ski pant suspenders make you look stylish and keep your pants where they should be as you practice your skiing moves. 

When you’re skiing, you bend and twist your body, and the last thing you want is to have your pants move, as you might get confused. In this article, we’ll review the best ski pant suspenders on the market and teach you about picking the right suspenders for your upcoming skiing trip.

Not only will they keep your ski pants in place, the suspenders we’ve picked for you will also make you stand out among the crowd thanks to your stylish and fashionable look. Check out our top picks. 

Best Choice

American made Holdup Black Ski-Ups X-back Suspenders with Patented black Gripper Clasps

Although these stylish and durable suspenders are mainly designed for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, they can be worn with various outfits if you want to make a fashion statement. They’re made of cotton and polyester blend to provide you with highly elastic straps, so they will help you maintain the right posture when you’re skiing. 

High-quality skiing outfits and gear aren’t cheap, and the right suspenders will protect your pants. The no-slip plastic Gripper Clasps won’t damage or fray your ski pants, guaranteeing that you’ll always look your best in a functional outfit that won’t obstruct your movement. 

They also hold stronger than other metal clasps that might damage the fabric and ruin your pants or outerwear. In the most extreme conditions, the clasps will stay where they are, allowing you to move with confidence. They also help you maintain a proper posture because the suspenders will help you notice if you’re leaning too forward or backward

Featuring an elegant leather patch at the bottom, your suspenders will be a stylish addition to your skiing outfit if you decide to take off your jacket. You can even wear your suspenders with your jeans, skirt, or any other outfit that you want to style differently. 

You can adjust the straps to the perfect length and tightness, and the locking clamp will keep them in place. If you have thicker fingers, adjusting the clasp will be a bit problematic.

What We Like

  • Stylish suspenders can be worn while skiing or practicing any other sport.
  • The plastic clasps won’t fray your pants or outerwear.
  • Hold your pants in place for more confidence. 
  • The length and tightness can be adjusted. 
  • Elegant leather patch to hold them together. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Adjusting the clasps might be difficult if you have thicker fingers.

Best Value

Hold'Em Suspenders for Men Y-Back Leather Trimmed button end tuxedo Suspenderss Many colors and designs - Black (Regular 46' Long)

For an affordable price, these durable yet practical suspenders will hold your ski pants where they should be. Unlike other suspenders, these Y-back suspenders can be worn for long periods without losing their elasticity or damaging your skiing outfit. 

These suspenders come in 12 solid colors, so you can choose the best color that matches your skiing outfit. There are also special patterns that will make you stand out among other skiers. Each suspender measures 1.25 inches wide and won’t dig into your skin or make you feel uncomfortable, so you can enjoy your skiing adventure to the maximum. 

Since they’re made of 100% elastic, these suspenders are the perfect choice for skiing and winter outdoor activities because they can withstand the elements. They feature a 100% genuine leather patch that adds more elegance to the suspenders and make them more versatile, so you can wear them with multiple outfits. 

Unlike other suspenders that feature clasps that might fray your ski pants, these ones feature buttonhole tabs that won’t get undone easily. They’re very comfortable to wear and can complement any outfit because of their stylish design. 

If you feel that the suspenders are too tight or too loose, you’ll be able to adjust them on the spot. The nickel-plated adjuster guarantees that you’ll be able to wear these suspenders for hours because they will fit you perfectly. 

Whether you’re short or tall, you’ll be able to find the suspenders that fit you best. The suspenders come in 2 different sizes, so you can pick the right one for you. 

The first one can be adjusted from 30 to 46 inches, and the second is suitable for taller people and can be adjusted from 35 to 54 inches. Nevertheless, they can still be too long for some users.

What We Like

  • Available in multiple solid colors and patterns.
  • Made of comfortable elastic material.
  • Buttonhole tabs that won’t get undone easily.
  • Elegant design for various outfits. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Can be too long for some users.

Editor's Choice

Carhartt Men's Standard Utility Suspender, Black, One Size

These suspenders are originally designed for heavy-duty work as they hold your pants in place and also allow you to attach any tools on your toolbelt without weighing you down. When you use them for skiing, they will provide maximum comfort and balance, as they guarantee that your pants will stay in place, so you can stay protected and confident while you’re skiing in extreme conditions. 

You don’t have to worry about your skiing pants as the metal clamps help secure your pants in place without fraying the fabric for maximum convenience. The straps are made of a blend of polyester and rubber to provide adequate flexibility, so you won’t feel restricted as you wear these suspenders. 

The suspenders are 2 inches wide, so they won’t dig into your skin while you’re wearing your suspenders. They feature well-made clips that secure your pants properly. 

With the rugged flex technology, these elastic straps stretch conveniently to help you move properly as you turn and carve. The suspenders feature metal adjusters that allow you to choose the right fit, regardless of your build. To add more elegance, these suspenders feature a patch made of top-grain leather that shows the brand’s logo, so you can wear your suspenders with multiple outfits.

Because these suspenders are designed for working men, they will work for you if you’re adding multiple layers to add more warmth. Moreover, the adjustment straps might slip if you pull too hard on them.

What We Like

  • Elastic suspenders to keep your pants in place. 
  • Wide suspenders that don’t dig into your skin.
  • Metal clamps that hold your skiing pants in place without damaging the fabric. 
  • Adjustable suspenders to fit every build. 
  • Work if you’re adding multiple layers under your skiing outerwear. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The adjustment suspenders can slip if you pull too hard on them.
Dickies Men's Industrial Strength Suspenders, neon Orange, One Size

These suspenders are of durable quality and will be an excellent addition to your outdoor gear. They’re made of polypropylene, cotton, polyester, rubber, and leather in an elegant blend that was specifically made to withstand the harsh conditions while you’re skiing. 

The suspenders’ ends are made of leather to add to the durability of these suspenders, keeping your pants where they are. The sturdy clip-on closures will hold your ski pants as you practice your moves and won’t damage the edges of your pants or outerwear. They offer a superior holding experience without being too restricting. They will also help you notice if you’re not maintaining an adequate back posture, so you can avoid painful injuries

Thanks to the serrated clasps, these suspenders will help keep your outfit the way it should look without pulling on or damaging the fabric. Your pants and outerwear will stay in excellent condition. 

They’re made of coated steel to withstand the pressure as you practice your latest skiing moves. You won’t have to worry about your pants not holding up, and all your focus will be shifted to mastering your skiing skills. 

The X-back construction is extremely comfortable, and the leather patch offers more stability, so you can rest assured knowing that your pants will be there where they need to be. Since these suspenders come in 4 bright colors, they will represent a unique addition to any outfit that you want to style differently. 

This one-size-fits-all piece of accessory can work for pants sizes between 32 inches to 44 inches. They might not work for you if you have a shorter frame, even though they’re adjustable. The continuous tugging can damage the elastic, especially around the edges, so you need to make sure that you’re adjusting them too tight, so they can last for long.

What We Like

  • Elastic suspenders with coated steel clasps. 
  • Won’t damage your pants or outerwear. 
  • Suitable for harsh conditions. 
  • Can be worn with multiple outfits because they’re elegant. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not work if you have a smaller frame. 
  • The elastic can fray around the edges.
Oakley Men's Factory Suspender, Blackout, U

Things can get a little challenging when you’re skiing, and the manufacturers of these suspenders understand that, so they made sure that they will last for a long time. Unlike suspenders that are made of cotton, these are made of nylon, latex, polyester, and PVC to add more durability. 

Wearing these suspenders will give you the confidence boost you need as you’re skiing. The PVC adds an extra layer, guaranteeing that your suspenders will always look their best. 

They’re extremely durable and won’t get affected by the elements that are likely to affect other fabric suspenders in the long run. Moreover, these suspenders are relatively easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them, and they will be as good as new. 

Your suspenders keep your ski pants in place without pulling on the fabric, thanks to their plastic clasps. Your skiing outfit will be in perfect condition, and you’ll always look your best while you’re wearing them. You can also wear these suspenders with any other outfit because the logo will add something special to your overall look. 

Adjusting these suspenders’ length and tightness is easy, so you will never feel restricted while wearing them. They come in multiple colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your skiing outfit. However, the clips can get undone if you pull them too hard when you’re bending or not maintaining the right posture. 

What We Like

  • Durable suspenders for skiing and other outdoor activities. 
  • Stylish design with the brand’s logo.
  • An extra layer of PVC for more durability. 
  • Won’t damage your skiing outfit. 

What We Don’t Like

  • The plastic clasps can easily get undone.

Things to Consider for Ski Pant Suspenders

Suspenders come in all shapes and sizes, but you need to make sure that your suspenders are suitable for skiing and other winter activities. Here are a few things to consider.

Why Should You Buy the Best Ski Pants Suspenders?

Falling and tumbling are expected when you’re skiing, especially if you’re a beginner. You need to make sure that your pants are in place, so you can move comfortably without worrying about them not holding up. 

As a result, you will have all your focus on mastering your skiing skills, so you can bend, speed up, and turn around confidently. Due to your rapid and continuous movements, your pants might be pulled down, obstructing your movement, or even embarrassing you in front of the crowds. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a pair of high-quality suspenders. 

  • Suspenders keep your pants where they should be, without pulling on the fabric. Although you can use a belt, suspenders are more comfortable to wear and allow you to move comfortably, thanks to their clamps. 
  • They’re also extremely stylish, so you can use your suspenders with multiple outfits. Skiing suspenders can complement pants, jumpsuits, and skirts, helping you make a fashion statement.  
  • As you’re skiing, you won’t have to worry about pulling your pants up or leaving your gear for maximum safety. Your hands will be where they should be all the time. 
  • Suspenders will guarantee that the top of your pants won’t get exposed, and the snow won’t accidentally get inside and make you uncomfortable. You can stay focused on improving your skiing skills, as your pants and outerwear do their job of keeping your warm.

Your ski pant suspenders also help you achieve the right posture. They keep your back straight, so you can master your skiing techniques as you try to become a better skier. If you’re not maintaining the right posture, your suspenders will become loose, so you can quickly get back to the proper position.


Suspenders can be made of cotton, polyester blend, or other elastic materials. Cotton is durable and elegant, and polyester is even more practical to use in wet conditions. Some suspenders are made of latex and rubber to be sturdier, as they’re designed to be used in harsh environments. 

When you’re picking your next ski pant suspenders, you need to make sure that they offer the right combination of comfort and holding power. They’re supposed to keep your skiing pants in place without adding too much pressure on your shoulders, so you can move comfortably.


When you’re shopping or suspenders, you need to make sure that they’re an adequate size. Some models come in several sizes, so you can choose one that fits your frame. However, you’ll definitely have to use the adjusters to make sure that the suspenders aren’t too loose or too tight. 

You should also pay attention to the width of the suspenders. Wider suspenders are comfortable because they won’t dig into your skin. Nevertheless, you must make sure that they’re suitable for the width of your shoulders; otherwise, they will stick into your neck and cause discomfort.


Although suspenders are meant to be worn with your ski pants, they come in various styles and can also be worn with other outfits. If you have an outfit that you want to style differently, you can add the suspenders to make it look a little different.

Suspenders can be worn with denim, skirts, pants, and shorts. The clamps will help hold them in place on top of your t-shirt or shirt. 

There are several patterns and colors that you can choose from. Basic colors can be worn with multiple outfits, but bright colors and patterns are unique.


The clasps represent your suspenders’ main part because they attach to your ski pants and keep them in place. They should be high-quality, so they won’t break if you bend or practice your skiing moves. 

Metal clasps are more durable and will help secure your ski pants and outerwear in place. Plastic clasps are also well-made and will work if you don’t want any metal parts in your skiing outfit. 

The most important thing is to make sure that your clasps won’t come undone while you’re skiing. They should also be easy to do and undo, in case you want to take your suspenders off for any reason.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best ski pant suspenders will help you maintain the correct posture and will also keep your pants in place while you’re skiing. We chose the American made Holdup Black Ski-Ups as our top pick because they’re well-made and comfortable to wear. They’re also elegant enough to be worn with multiple outfits.

Although some people wear belts, suspenders are more stylish and elegant. Keeping your pants in place, they will help you focus on nothing but improving your skiing skills.

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