5 Best Ski and Snowboard Base Cleaners

The Best Ski and Snowboard Base Cleaners


Taking care of your skiing and snowboarding equipment is a vital part of the whole recreational activity experience. Having a nice clean waxed board that glides smoothly over snow is a delight to every skier and snowboarder. However, these smooth bases don’t make themselves; they have dedicated owners who frequently groom them.

Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts know that they should frequently clean and wax their bases to remove dirt and debris and to improve their gliding. This article is focusing on cleaning the bases before waxing them. We’ll be reviewing some of the best ski and snowboard base cleaners in addition to some tips and tricks that might improve the whole maintenance process for you.

Some people love to use harsh solvent solutions; some prefer a citrus-based cleaner, while others resort to any multipurpose cleaner they can put their hands on at home. All of these will get the job done, each in its own way.

Best Choice

Demon Hyper X Universal 1 LB. Big Block Wax + Citrus Base Cleaner

We won’t be exaggerating if we tell you that this is the nearest thing to perfection you can get to clean your ski and snowboard bases. The block wax is of Demon Hyper’s proprietary blend that’s known to be highly efficient when it comes to cleaning ski and snowboard bases. Plus, it works in all weather conditions, which is a huge asset. 

The citrus-based cleaner is capable of cleaning your base of wax, debris, and dust without drying it. Besides, it has a pleasant smell, so you’ll be having a nice time working with it. 

The wax is soft and does its job in a short time, and it’ll last you a couple of tuning sessions. No wonder customers are raving about it!

What We Like

  • Quick action
  • Premium wax block
  • Great value for the price

Best Value

KAEPS SPORTS WINKWAX New Prewax & Cleaner for Ski and Snowboard Base (4 oz)

Just like their slogan says, Kaeps Sports’ Winkwax is easy, safe, and smart. Winkwax is a cleansing paste that’s easy to apply. The manufacturers don’t give us many details about the ingredients list, yet they promise it’s bio-friendly and plant-based, which also means it’s non-toxic and safe to use among children. The positive feedback from their reviewers confirms that.

With dual functionality, this cleaner works as a base cleaner and a pre-wax, where it efficiently removes wax residues from your ski or snowboard base, as well as the surface dirt. We love how it fills in the pores of the base after you scrape off the old wax. It is a game-changer! 

To use Winkwax, spread it over the base with a towel or a wipe, leave it for a few minutes, and you’re done. The thing is that this cleaner is not a solvent. It won’t dissolve wax and take it off, but rather prep your base for waxing. So if your base needs a robust cleaning session, there might be better options for you.

What We Like

  • Non-toxic formula
  • Moderately priced
  • Plant-based ingredients

Editors Choice

PURL Eco Ski & Snowboard Base Cleaner, 12 oz Spray

If you’re among the best of us who care about the environment, then you’ll love this one.

Purl Eco’s ski and snowboard base cleaner is a biodegradable spray that’s 100% organic and non-toxic. You spray the product over your base, leave it to do its action for a minute or two, and then wipe it off with a rag. It’s as simple as this!

Purl Eco’s cleaner will give your board a nice rub, and it’ll look as clean as new when you wipe it off. However, you need to apply abundant amounts for it to cover the whole thing, which might be costly, considering its not-so-cheap price.

What We Like

  • Highly efficient
  • The spray formula is easy to apply
  • Environmentally-friendly

Cheap Base Cleaner

Swix Base Cleaner 150ml

Swix is a well-known manufacturer for Nordic outdoor adventures. They produce everything from wax, ski poles, winter sports clothing, and cleaning kits. They’re well known for producing quality products at affordable prices, and this base cleaner is no exception.

The aerosol base cleaner is specifically designed to prep your ski or snowboard base before toning and waxing. They advise you to scrape off as much wax as possible, then apply the cleaner to remove the residue. The cleaner does come with a Fibertex scrubbing pad in the package, which you can use.

One of the appeals of Swix’s cleanser is its light, pleasant smell. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly. 

What We Like

  • Included scrubbing tool
  • Great price
  • Nice smell
Dakine Supertune Base Cleaner

Dakine is another reputable manufacturer of winter sportswear and equipment. It’s one of the brands that excel in producing gloves, boots, and backpacks. It does have a capable base cleaner as well.

Dakine’s Supertune base cleaner consists of a strong citrus base that smells fantastic and works wonders on your ski or snowboard. The concentrated citrus oil will absorb dirt and wax residue, and you’ll get rid of them when you wipe the solution off. Afterward, you can apply the base.

The distinct feature here is that you don’t have to use Dakine Supertune before every waxing session, only when there are recognizable dirt and residue. In the long term, this prolongs your board’s lifespan.

What We Like

  • Strong citrus oil
  • No need to use it frequently
  • Comes from a renowned brand

How Do I Clean my Ski and Snowboard Base? - Board Waxing 101

As we’ve previously mentioned, cleaning your base is the first step of the waxing process. If you’re not familiar with it, waxing is a process of regularly gliding a thin layer of wax across your ski or snowboard so that it moves smoother and last longer. 

Here are the steps.


Before applying this layer of wax, you need to clean the base to get rid of any dust or wax debris. To clean the base well, you should use one of the base cleaners we recommended above and wipe them along your base with a rag. 

Snow is full of contaminants that unfortunately sit on your base, which has pores -just like your skin- that’ll welcome these contaminants happily. So when we’re cleaning the base, we’re not just scrubbing the surface, but we’re also trying to reach these pores and get what’s inside them. 


After your base is clean and dry, the next step is to apply wax. First, you need to make sure that the base is dry with no cleaner traces on it. You also need it to be warm. Room temperature is okay.

Next, you glide some wax using a wax iron. Wintersteiger’s Ski/Snowboard waxing iron is a nice one. It has temperature adjusting abilities and will melt the hardest wax. You start dripping wax along with your board evenly then.

You’ve got to find a suitable temperature for the wax. Don’t opt for high temperatures just to be quick. If you detect the smoke smell, then you’ve already gone too far. Lower the temperature and move on.

After you’re done, let it sit and cool down for as long as it takes. 


To finish off your wax job, you should scrape it off to remove the excess layer, then buff it. Some people might skip this step on the account that wax will scrape off while you’re snowboarding or skiing anyway, which is true, but a well-scrapped board is definitely better. You don’t want to do a sloppy job, do you?

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Ski and Snowboard Bases

  1. Remove any binding hardware from your base area before you start the cleaning and waxing processes. Using a pair of strong rubber bands to hold the brake up will allow you to glide over the bases unimpeded. 
  2. You must make sure that your base is 100% dry before applying wax. Leave the cleaner traces to dry off completely after wiping with a rag.
  3. Favor eco-friendly cleaners over others.
  4. Don’t skip scrapping.
  5. Finalize your process by structuring the base using a firm brush.

How Often Should I Clean and Wax my Ski/ Snowboard Base?

There’s no rule here. While many people recommend you clean and wax your base every three to four days of riding, various factors are at play here. 

The type of base is a determinant factor. Sintered bases that are more porous than extruded ones are more prone to dirt accumulation in their pores. Hence, they need frequent cleaning and waxing. You can actually tell whether your sintered base needs waxing when it runs bluntly and slowly. It might also look dry by appearing to have a white or washed out film.

What About Hot Scraping?

Some people prefer hot scraping over cleaning their snowboard bases. Briefly, they skip the cleaning step and jump right into waxing. They apply hot wax directly to the base, then scrape it off while it’s still hot. The action of scraping wax while hot will take dirt and debris on its way, resulting in a clean waxed surface in just one step.

The arguments with and against this method are endless. It works for some, so we can’t advise against it. It’s perspectives, after all. All we can say is that we recommend you use a base cleaner with a Fibertex pad if your board is sintered to make sure that you thoroughly get into the pores. 

Final Thoughts

Any quality cleaner will work well for your ski or snowboard base. As long as you clean it frequently, apply decent amounts, and do a good job of scrubbing it off. You -and your board- will turn out okay!

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