6 Best OTG Goggles for Skiing

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Oakley Flight Deck Iconography Burnished w/Prizm Black Iridium

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

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OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles - Over Glasses Ski/Snowboard Goggles for Men, Women & Youth - 100% UV Protection (Black Frame + VLT 10% Grey Lens with REVO Silver)

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

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Smith Optics I/O Mag XL Snow Goggle

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OTG goggles are key to helping you enjoy skiing without having to take your glasses off. Therefore, your good eyesight remains intact without dealing with any uncomfortableness.

Some people might propose just wearing contacts, yet what they may not understand is that contacts can be irritating and itchy. Plus, contacts can tend to dry out in the cold, dry winter air. Furthermore, custom made prescription ski goggles and embeds are costly. 

We’ve assembled a rundown of the best OTG goggles for skiing worth your money.

What are OTG Goggles?

OTG or ‘Over The Glasses’ goggles are made to easily fit over your frames. This grants the best comfort, added security, and warmth, that any goggles could offer. They also give you the option to wear your everyday glasses while skiing.

6 Best OTG Ski Goggles Reviewed

Picking ski goggles can be fun, but with many goggles options available, it tends to be tricky to find where to start. Narrowing down your options becomes simpler when you understand what you need in ski goggles. 

Here we’ve selected the highest quality goggles, plus a variety of features and price points to fit all your skiing requirements.

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Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck Iconography Burnished w/Prizm Black Iridium

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Oakley’s Flight Deck is known for its oversized, rimless style. These are top-notch spherical goggles that give you high contrast and a crystal clear view. Additionally, these goggles use the latest Prizm technology.  

I’d say among all of Oakley snow goggles, the Oakley Flight Deck Goggles will give you the most astonishing visual experience. You’ll have an incomparable peripheral field of view. They have small notches in the frame’s temples so wearing glasses under these ski goggles will be comfortable. 

Regardless of where you gaze, left, right, upward, or downwards you will have a wider vision than you will ever think before putting on the goggles. It also has an anti-fog and ventilation feature which can help increase visual clarity. It unquestionably enhances your experience of skiing or snowboarding.


  • Latest and greatest technology with Prizm technology 
  • Wide field of view ordinary peripheral vision
  • Excellent Ventilation 


  • Accompanies just a single lens
  • Might be excessively costly

Best Value

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles - Over Glasses Ski/Snowboard Goggles for Men, Women & Youth - 100% UV Protection (Black Frame + VLT 10% Grey Lens with REVO Silver)

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The OutdoorMaster goggles have a huge spherical lens that permits you to wear your favorite pair of glasses. The foam has a precise cut so this allows the frame of your glasses to fit well and easily without the risk of bending.

The lenses themselves are interchangeable and there is a wide assortment of colors to look over.  They offer more than 20 lens tints to choose from with 10-99% VLT. It’s polarized, and provides 100% UV400 protection which makes it suitable for all climate changes from late evening skiing to flat light and bright sun. 

Furthermore, they’re double-layered and have an anti-fog coating which helps protect against fogging.


  • Available in various colors 
  • Anti-fog lens and has optical clarity 
  • Helmet compatible
  • Could be used for children and adults
  • Reliable and safe with UV protection  
  • Low cost


  • The inner lens reflection could be better

Editors Choice

Smith Optics I/O Mag XL Snow Goggle

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Smith is the king of ski and snow optics. While comparatively more expensive, they offer unparalleled quality and the newest technologies so that your vision on the snow is as good as it gets.

With the MAG I/O goggles, you are getting an extra-large spherical lens that gives you an expansive field of view and perfect clarity. Additionally, the MAG interchangeable lens system allows you to easily swap lenses as conditions change.

Most importantly for glasses wearers, this is an XL lens built with OTG compatibility in mind and it seamlessly integrates into your ski helmet. 


  • Extra large lens provided good field of view and OTG compatibility
  • ChromaPop technology gives best in class clarity
  • MAG interchangeable system makes swapping lenses easy for different days (sunny vs snowing)
  • 3-layer face foam provides a fair amount of support and comfort


  • On the premium side of the price spectrum

Cheapest Budget OTG Goggles

findway Ski Goggles

findway Ski Goggles OTG - Over Glasses Snow/Snowboard Goggles for Men, Women & Youth - 100% UV Protection

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These goggles are accessible in 15 different assortments of colors to enhance visual light transmission (VLT) and boost picture clarity while skiing. They’re 100% guaranteed that the material is skin-friendly and won’t bring on any bothering or rash on the skin. 

They have a double-layered lens for enhanced clarity, performance, and protection on the slopes. In addition to anti-fog layers, they use the airflow system that dissipates any dampness inside the lens. 

This lens is UV400 certified, has a hardened outer lens surface that is anti-scratch and anti-glare that is fit for enduring a few hits. The OTG configuration gives a wide space to accommodate your glasses under the goggles.


  • Ventilation outlets optimize airflow
  • One year warranty
  • Scratch-proof
  • Soft and flexible 


  • Do not feature changeable lenses

Most Lens Color Options

ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles OTG Design

ZIONOR X Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles OTG Design for Men & Women with Spherical Detachable Lens UV Protection Anti-Fog

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The Zionor Ski OTG Goggles offers an easily detachable lens technology for swapping lens fit in different weather and light conditions. This pair of goggles is suitable for prescription glasses of 5.51 inches in length and 1.57 in height. 

The lenses obtain 100% protection from the sun’s rays and are also fog resistant. It has double-layered construction making it ideal even when you’re riding down the mountain at high speeds.

Additionally, this pair of goggles is built with 99% VLT for use in dim and intensely cloudy conditions. The black thermoplastic frame includes delicate Q1 foam cushioning for full ventilated comfort and closure. Furthermore, the thickness of the straps offer extraordinary elasticity and their extra-long construction allows for helmet compatibility.


  • Detachable lens technology 
  • Removable elastic straps make it compatible with helmets
  • Triple-layered foam guarantees comfort 
  • UV protection 
  • Anti-fog system 


  • Might be too tall for some people

Best OTG Goggles for Large Faces

Odoland Large Spherical Frameless Ski Goggles

Odoland Large Spherical Frameless Ski Goggles for Men and Women, S2 OTG Double Lens Goggles for Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobile, UV400 Protection and Anti-fogging - VLT 15% Blue

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The Odoland goggles come in a frameless lens design so this assists with being worn over your glasses and gives a clear view of your surroundings. Also, the peripheral vision of these goggles can reach a maximum of 180 degrees, so it’s easy to look on the side to avoid accidental crashes.  

One of the main highlights of the ski goggles is their ventilation mechanism, VLT level, and anti-fog lens coating. This ensures a more clear view of various climate conditions. 

Made with a polycarbonate material and a huge spherical mirror, the Odoland Frameless Ski Goggles has 20% VLT that makes it ideal for radiant and shady days. It additionally has UV400 protection, so there is no need to stress the harmful radiation of the sunlight pointing directly at your eyes. 

As soon as you get these pairs of goggles, the inner lenses will come with a protective film. As Such, it is very important to eliminate this before using the ski goggles.


  • Fog and sun protection
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Great aesthetic look
  • Replaceable and detachable lenses
  • Thick padding


  • Not suited for individuals who have smaller head and face

Essential Features of OTG Ski Goggles

Skiing exposes your eyes to a prolonged period of bright sunlight and strong wind, which is why goggles were invented. Despite their importance, it shouldn’t give you cerebral pain all day while it presses your eyeglasses into your temples. 

Ensure your center is around the key ski goggle highlights: ventilation, comfort, size, polarized lens, and UV protection lens.


When warm air from your body heat meets cold air from the external temperature, condensation can form and your vision can be weakened. The dual-layered lenses help create a thermal barrier. This can help protect against misting and fogging. 

Vents are also key to suppress fog formation. The most effective area that the vents should be put on are on the top, sides, and lower part of goggles. This should create an efficient airflow of the inner surface of the lens.

Of course, with glasses on, you need to keep both your goggle lenses and your actual eye glasses from fogging, so ventilation is extra important.


The way to test whether it’s comfortable or not is how the goggles sit on your temples. It shouldn’t squeeze down on the bridge of your nose, nor should it be excessively tight.

OTG ski goggles should fit adequately to guarantee glasses don’t slip when worn while skiing. While trying the goggles on, it’s worth shaking your head rapidly to check if the glasses will slip. This will guarantee that glasses are held securely but comfortably.  

To ensure full comfort, make sure to search for a pair with inside foam cushioning. The quality of padding varies tremendously on goggles. 

Find goggles with multi-layered foams with polyurethane plastic frames. With 2 or 3 layers of thin padding, it should be good to cushion your face and at the same time not too thick that it promotes fogging.

Comfort is probably one of the hardest aspects to get right when trying to wear eye glasses underneath your ski goggles. How the goggles interact with your glasses can create uncomfortable pressure points, or can keep them securely in place and just right.


There are various goggle shapes and designs to fit a range of faces. Decent fitting goggles will allow you to have a clear vision. You should be able to see sideways easily and it should have a neat seal around the face. 

It is best to measure your face to get a rough idea of what goggle size you need. Ski goggle estimations are taken for the depth and width of your face. One thing’s for sure, you won’t know whether they fit until you try and wear them.

Polarized Lenses

Choosing polarized lenses is ideal if you constantly battle with the sun’s glare. It has a special filter that blocks the reflected light. Polarized lenses are made of plastic and polycarbonate materials that are lighter and slimmer than glass lenses. 

Wearing polarized specs lessens eye fatigue which increases your visual comfort. Additionally, it improves the contrast of colors and gives a better quality of your surroundings.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B are the most critical to prepare against. Rest assured that all goggles we have reviewed are 100 percent UV protected. 

An excessive amount of exposure to UV in a short time can give you an agonizing burn from the sun on your eyes, called photokeratitis

For long periods of time, UV rays can harm the eyes permanently and may prompt cataracts, retinal damage, and other eye diseases. Search for goggles and shades that block 100% of these rays.


Q: How do I maintain my Ski Goggles?


To protect the quality and longevity of the goggles, try not to put them on a surface facing down. When drying, instead of wiping it with a cloth, it should be put outside to be aired.

To remove the snow, shake the goggles and dab with a smooth fabric such as cotton or microfiber. Don’t use rough clothing or your hands.

Q: Frameless or framed ski goggles?


It’s not only just about the style. Framed and frameless goggles give different peripheral views. 

Framed goggles give a clear image in front of you. Frameless ones give you a wider vision of your surroundings. Everything comes down to the plastic corners put on the sides of goggles that somewhat restricts the vision. 

If your goggles are rimless, then they wouldn’t have that issue, as it is developed without the extra material around the wedges. Subsequently, your field of vision altogether improves.

Q: How can I keep my goggles from misting up?


Pick the ski goggles with dual-layered lenses. As mentioned above,  this kind of gear is regularly less prone to hazing up because of its two-layer design. 

Goggles with the dual-layer feature have a dependable ventilation mechanism that enables the air to stream in and out without letting the dampness develop inside or outside the lens. Also, since more air develops through breathing, you won’t encounter even a tiny bit of fog.

Q: Can I just wear prescribed contact lenses over my goggles?


Contact lenses don’t work for everybody, but they sure make skiing or snowboarding a lot easier. Just put them on when you’re ready to go skiing, and wear any goggles over them that you need. However, contacts have their disadvantages. 

Individuals with certain prescriptions or delicate eyes can’t wear contacts. What’s more, is if a person crashes sufficiently hard on a slope, contacts can fall right out. So it’s a smart thought to bring a couple of additional contact lenses just in case you’re skiing with your contacts.

Goggles with the dual-layer feature have a dependable ventilation mechanism that enables the air to stream in and out without letting the dampness develop inside or outside the lens. Also, since more air develops through breathing, you won’t encounter even a tiny bit of fog.

Q: What is the best VLT to choose for skiing?


VLT is indicated by the percentages of light allowed through the lens between somewhere close to 0% and 100%.  Some lenses are intended to perform much better in low light, different lenses will work better on bright days with high visibility. 

Here is to help you choose the VLT percentage:

  • 0-10% – For bright sunny days
  • 10-25 – For partially cloudy to bright sunny light
  • 25-60% –  For cloudy days and evening sunset 
  • 60-90% –  For flat light, heavily clouded days, and night time

Q: Should I buy spherical or cylindrical shaped goggles?


Spherical means, curved in all dimensions of the lenses. These lenses give the most significant level of clarity. They ordinarily come in large size frames, which give a big gap between your face with a “bubble-life” feature. This feature makes it suitable for glasses to be worn under the goggles.

Cylindrical lenses are flat and leveled vertically and curved along horizontally. These goggles have an adaptable and flexible lens so they “wrap” around the face better as they flex to adjust with your facial structures. Additionally, they’re more affordable.

In general, spherical lenses often have slightly more room and therefore fit glasses a little better.

Final Thoughts

Ski goggles are must-have protective gear to secure our eyes while skiing. Finding a pair that can accommodate your glasses while still looking cool and being comfortable can be tricky.

Oakley Flight Deck Prizm is one of the most outstanding options there is when buying OTG ski goggles. They give a great seal and ensure against strong wind and water getting through. 

Alternatively, if you would like something more budget-friendly, the OutdoorMaster is the best pick. They have a durable, sleek, well-constructed, and snazzy look. They additionally give extraordinary control of the light transmission. 

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